Ramgopal varma vs Ayn rand ||Objectivism|| intensity vs objectivism.Rgv and Ayn rand.

Ram gopal varma and Ayn rand's objectivism is shown in this video. Objectivism means the truth the reality but not the facts and moral aspects. Here in this video both varma and Ayn rand talks about the human as an heroic being . Ramgopal varma also talks about intensity and the degree of intensity. Ram gopal varma talked about Frederick neitzche's book . Ramgopal varma is a famous director in tollywood , Bollywood. Ramgopal varma's book are 1. Naa istam 2.Guns and thighs some other writers also written about varma they are 1. Vodka with varma etc. The novels written by rand are 1. Atlas shrugged 2. The fountainhead etc. For more videos subscribe to my channel If you like the videos share to your friend Thank you, see you soon.
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